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Emergency Pump Breakdowns

Our reputation has been built on fast response to emergency breakdowns of pump equipment, its what we do best.

We endeavour to attend an emergency call out within 4 hrs, we carry emergency pumps and hose on board to enable prompt emptying of flooded areas.

Emergency breakdowns take priority over any other business and when we say we are on our way, you can rest assured that your immediate problem will shortly be resolved.

We carry the most commonly used spares on board and we pride ourselves on being able to rig up a solution even in the most challenging of circumstances.

Emergency breakdowns normally occur when pumping equipment has been badly maintained or neglected for prolonged periods, properly serviced pump systems rarely fail we believe that proactive service contracts are the best way of preventing emergency call outs.

More often than not pump failure is a simple control issue that can be resolved quickly and relatively inexpensively, however if you are unfortunate enough to suffer a total failure due to something more serious such as a failed motor, we hold extensive supplies of emergency control panels and hire pumps.

We will have a quick solution to your pump problem.

emergency pump repairs
emergency pump repairs is the web trading name of Lucas Mechanical Services Ltd