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Wet Waste Services | Vacuum Tankering

Vacuum Tankering is carried out by our network of tanker companies who are chosen for their proximity to the site which not only keeps fuel costs to a minimum, but is also better for the enviroment.

We can also carry out detailed surveys of your existing pump equipment to assess its condition and make a report with recommendations for future repairs or ongoing maintenance.

Living With A Pump Station


To flush, or not to flush?

The drains connected to your home were not designed to cope with anything other than wastewater, toilet tissue and human waste.

Even the products labelled 'flushable' do not break down in the sewer. Flushing them could block your internal plumbing or the main sewer, causing sewage to back-up.

The biggest no-no is pouring cooking fat down the sink as it sets hard, forming 'fatberg' blockages. This prevents sewage from flowing and can cause it to back up, especially when other unsuitable products such as wet wipes and sanitary items mix with the fat, leading to waste backing up into homes and streets, and having a devastating impact on the environment.

The pump system for your drainage is prone to pump failure and blockages when the following are flushed , these can be costly to repair for this reason avoid flushing the following :

  • Tampons & incontinence pads
  • Condoms
  • Baby Wipes
  • Kandoos
  • Cleaning & make up removal wipes

Our message is simple, if it's not water, toilet tissue or poo, please...

Bin it - don't block it.

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